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This is a tricky issue to answer since, while tattoos have been there for a long time, celebrities and sportsmen didn't start wearing them until the 1970s. If you watch the NBA, you know how many guys have tattoos. Playing the power forward position instead of his traditional point guard role, Simmons is trying out something new in the NBA bubble. Leah Goldman and Scott Davis. Hailing from Brooklyn, N.Y., he grew up rocking dunks and loving basketball. Can you put a single curtain panel on a window? The 5-time NBA All-star has everything but tattoos on his body. . The Joker is one of the best players in the league. It's hard to knock a Martin Luther King Jr. tattoo. Chandler has a lot of tattoos, but most of them aren't this drab. We get to see a lot of their bodies, and some players use them as canvases. That humbleness is reflected in his lack of ink. Swift was a first-round pick by the Seattle Supersonics in 2004. Sam Smith wrote: Little known is he has a tattoo, an omega horseshoe above his left breast that he always was a bit sensitive about. Perhaps that explains why hes always kept it on the down low. Copyright 2023 NPR. Harden never got into tattoos, rather the beard. He told ESPN's Brian Windhorst that he had a "clean slate" and wanted to start new. Having ink doesnt make someone great, nor does it mean they arent as good as someone else. Karl-Anthony Towns is another notable player without tattoos. It was only just a few years ago when the 31-year-old gave fans a glimpse of his impressive set of tattoos. | We hope this list and gallery of the most Tattooed NBA Players was entertaining and maybe even inspirational! The world knows his love for Italian wines and also for country music. He connected that love with chances of getting inked and further expressed, I hope that I get my daughters name tattooed on me one day, but I highly doubt.. As it stands today, Shailene Woodley doesnt have any tattoos because she feels like her life story has just begun and she doesnt quite know what a tattoo of hers would say just yet. Jimmy Butler. As a Skyline High School star growing up in Oakland, California, and playing alongside Gary Payton, Foster's teammates often called him "Bowie" for his resemblance to Sam Bowie, the infamous No. (Hi, Chris Andersen, wherever you are.). On the court, Jimmy has always been a consistent performer and someone who joins mediocre teams to help them stretch for greatness. Impressive, right? As for Towns, he has nothing of the sort. Others will use words designed in art. Kemba was the face of the Charlotte Hornets franchise for eight years. Re: Name 10 current black players without tattoos? As the resident bad boy in the NBA, it was no surprise that Rodman was more inked up than the rest of the league. We're going to eschew the religious portion of this design, because obviously your own belief system will guide your opinion on the content of this piece. According to Sports Illustrated, by the end of the 1990s, almost every major league baseball player had gotten tattooed at least once. That also goes for the "Fear" and "God" tattoos, which are also shrewdly placed and colored sharply. With NBA playoffs underway, players are showing off their talents and their style. Damian Lillard is one of the most talented guards today. NBA players are well-known for their athleticism, outgoing personality, fashion sense, and tattoos. We have one question though: What the heck is this thing on his arm? Simmons has a proclivity for the flashy. But what does he still lack? Who is your favorite football player of all time? If there is a player that started the trend, it was Dennis Rodman. Why do NBA Players have So Many Tattoos? (Story aired on ATC on March 23, 2023.). What is the tattoo on Jordan Henderson leg? This includes a "black Jesus" tattoo on his chest. T.I. Artists have an incentive to sign rather than pass up a client who could be a billboard for their work. Jimmy Butler's "no tattoos" stance The five-time NBA All-physique Star's is devoid of tattoos. . Just slathered in them. LeBron James, Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis are notable for their tattoos. However, thats not true for everyone. Pro basketball players use what they wear to express themselves and influence culture beyond the court. Create. Both factors could show why the superstar doesnt have anything on his body. Kings equal impressive franchise mark, blow out Warriors to force Game 7, Ime Udoka addresses suspension at Rockets press conference, The 'Most points in an NBA playoff game' quiz, Kraken stun defending champion Avs in Game 7, Steph Curry puts on record-setting Game 7 show in win, Playoff Butler shows out in Game 1 win over Knicks, Phillies manager provides update on Harper's return, MLB implements unusual rule to avoid pitch clock violations, Former Giants wonder if Rodgers can handle NY media, Brooks fined for dodging media, has no regrets over LeBron comments, Zac Taylor on Joe Mixon: 'His future is here with the team'. Michael McCann. - Advertisement - Contents. Wont we? With at least 15 tattoos, each one holds significance to the Blazers star. Right now, the Bucks star is near the top in several statistical categories this season, and hes looking to lead his team on a deep playoff run inside the Orlando bubble. All rights reserved. This massive 'Free Bird' tattoo is . Your email address will not be published. For these players, we look at the top-10 NBA players that are tattoo-free. The tattoos covering their arms are known as sleeves in the tattoo world. On the left side of his neck, Allen had inked a spider web and the words Virginia Slim as a way to remember his birthplace. Allen went one step further and named his son Rahsaan. Much like his Shaq logo tattoo on his left forearm, ONeal has another silhouette inspired tattoo on his opposite side. CP3's best friends LeBron, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony are all tatted up in a way. The guard is anything but showy. They wear long pants and long sleeves most of the time too. Whether or not there is a meaning behind a tattoo, totally depends on the player. Thanks for signing up. It is not an ordinary tattoo representing Andreis level 80 paladin from the famous WoW game. Though some have questioned his defensive effort in the past, The Beard seems to be showing some improvement on that end of the floor. Some players will ink up their bodies to the fullest, like Michael Beasley, and others that want to keep the slate clean. He doesn't have one. 5 Superstars That Could Have Played For The Lakers, NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Could Acquire Zach LaVine For Four Players, Stephen Curry Unanimous MVP Season vs. Stephen Curry This Season: Theyre Nearly Identical. DeShawn Stevenson. Unsurprisingly, one of them is Mario Chalmers, but he's not currently playing in the NBA. Stephen Dunn/Getty Images. Honor Award . Editor at WittyFeed, followed by a stint at Decathlon. When are fastpitch softball tryouts in Tucson, AZ? Williams may eventually want a tattoo, but the 19-year NBA draft pick is . His lack of tattoos is perhaps an example of that mentality. Joel Embiid. In America, many baseball players get tattoos. And if you have NBA 2K16, you can also check out their virtual depictions. Getting inked up is common in the NBA. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports. His body is all inked up from his neck to his back, arms, legs, hands, and chest. Some choose a design, symbol, or name that has meaning to them. PILAR GALVAN, BYLINE: Lance Fresh knows how to dress. This was his first arm tattoo, but like many others whove had a taste of tattooing, it wouldnt be his last. 1 overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft is spotless. Thompson has paired with Stephen Curry for three NBA championships. So I never got tattoos, I was also told if I wanted to get my ears pierced, then I had to be afford to wear real diamonds. All rights reserved. We all know Melo as one of the best scorers in the game. Who knew they would work this well? He is perhaps one of the few most tattooed NBA players of all time. But before becoming the NBA star he is now, Lillard looked different during his high school days at Oakland. His killer cross-ups and skillfully aimed passes are often borrowed by other players. He is hot-headed on the court, but very much chilled off it. "I just want something nice, so I wear sleeves.". "Carpe Diem" is a pretty well-worn phrase. What is Mike Conleys Height and Wingspan. Below are some of the most famous tattoo artists with a huge following and clientele consisting of celebrities and NBA players: Steve Wiebe: most famous clients- Kevin Durant, DeAndre Jordan, Damian Lillard. please like, comment and subscribe for more videos to come. There's so much bombast and craziness that you get overwhelmed and don't really enjoy your experience. Lance Fresh. He hasn't said he's opposed to the idea, but it's likely that he won't be getting any at least until he finds a way to get a championship. After bowing out in the second round of the playoffs, Giannis is looking to lead the Milwaukee Bucks to their first NBA Finals appearance since 1974. Some prefer them, others dont. Butler's life story features moments where he was practically homeless at some point. Before the tattoos, Ellis had a breakout season where he averaged 20.2 points per game. Accuracy and availability may vary. Keep the Js alive. These days, it seems like more players are covered in body ink than those who are not and it makes sense considering the body is a wonderful canvas for self-expression. Sep 30, 2018. Still a scrawny kid back then, Melo showed glimpses of his scoring prowess that even made headlines when he rivaled LeBron James in the high school basketball scene. The former first-round pick turned All-Star turned a face of the franchise is one of the best two-way players in the league and was instrumental in leading the Heat to the NBA Finals in 2020. On his left leg, he has a Homer Simpson, which is awesome. So I never got tattoos, I was also told if I wanted to get my ears pierced, then I had to be afford to wear real diamonds. According to the New York Daily News, the rule does not specifically mention tattoos, but the intent is clear. Next time you see Chris Paul standing out on the State Farm commercials, you can stop searching for a tattoo. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage). But before the inked-up Melo we know today, he showed no ink during his high school days at Oak Hill. Tattoos are pretty popular in the NBA. He often wears custom suits from brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. He is incredibly athletic but also has the tendency to make the most head-scratching plays. CP3 has been an inspiration to young point guards around the globe. Hes now a proud member of the tattooed NBA players group. His NBA career began in Chicago, where he played six seasons with the Bulls. Nope. Lillard has a psalm tattoo down his upper left arm. The portraits of his family members are scattered all around his body: his grandmother (left leg), his daughters (upper left thigh, left leg), his wife (right thigh), his brothers (right side of his abdomen), his mother and the portrait of Jesus (chest), Nipsey Hussle, as well an homage to Michael Jordan (a pair of shoes, a figure holding a basketball, and an n 23 red jersey). But if there is a tattoo that stands out, the huge tattoo on his back features the full James 1:2-4 psalm, the portrait of Jesus, the number 35, and an angel holding a basketball. Some of the game's best players in LeBron James, Damian Lillard, and Anthony Davis are known for their tattoos. Hip-hop artists have been known to wear their favorite rappers' names on their bodies, which has helped fuel the rise of basketball players getting tatted up. ! One reads "struggle," and the other reads "dedication." Damian Lillard Biography Facts, Childhood And Personal Life, Gordon Hayward Biography Facts, Childhood, Net Worth, Life, Kobe Bryant Biography Facts, Childhood, Life, Death, Klay Thompson Biography Facts, Childhood And Personal life, Kyrie Irving Biography Facts, Childhood, Net Worth, Life, Ben Simmons Biography Facts, Childhood And Personal Life, Paul Millsap Biography Facts, Childhood, Net Worth, Life, CJ McCollum Biography Facts, Childhood, Net Worth, Life, Draymond Green Biography Facts, Childhood And Personal Life, 25 Biggest Sumo Wrestlers. He is one of a few footballers without tattoos. In addition, it may not be well-known. However, there are few who truly see the court as well as he does. King James is tatted up to the nines, and for the most part his ink looks good. Other prominent players are Klay Thompson (GSW), Joel Embiid (Sixers), Kyle Lowry (Raptors), and Nikola Jokic (Raptors). Who owns the tattoo rights on an athletes body? On the one hand, it's something of a macho, tough guy design. But, even if he has no tattoos on his arms, his chest, abdomen, back, and legs tell a different story about Christianity, faith, family, gratitude, and respect. In conclusion, the NBA is a popular sports league with a large audience. He is the NBA style guru. Answer (1 of 3): Steve Nash, Dirk Nowistzki, Pau Gasol, Jeremy Lin, Dwyane Wade, Ramon Sessions, Andrea Bargnani, Vince Carter, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Kevin Martin, Linas Kleiza, Yao Ming, Manu Ginobli, Marc Gasol, just to name a few [1]. Unlike many of his NBA colleagues who love to showcase their body ink, Kevin Durant kept most of his tattoos hidden for a long period of time. The right side of his chest displays the words Tiaura and Deuce, the names of his son and daughter. Robert Lewandowski. The scrappy point guard is beloved in Canada for delivering the nation its first NBA championship in 2019. Tags: Ben Simmons, Chris Paul, Giannis Antetokounmpo, James Harden, Jimmy Butler,. Going with the nickname 'Birdman,' Chris Claus Anderson pops at the top of the list when it comes to the most tattooed players of the NBA. He hasnt said hes opposed to the idea, but its likely that he wont be getting any at least until he finds a way to get a championship. That includes many athletes across the globe, including players in the NBA. A rose and his mothers name, Wanda, are also inked on his chest. His body is the perfect canvas for Ellis to showcase his deep love for his family and for the sport that turned him into a star: basketball. The 67 forward player signed a 4-year $142 million contract with the Miami Heat in 2019. Although he was pretty much tatted up since high school, Smith actually showed no visible ink during his days with Lakewood High School. No tattoos.. Although Iverson had a lot of off-court drama, his skills on the court made up for that which allowed him to star in the NBA at one point. While it may seem like it at times, having tattoos is not a requirement to enter the NBA. The image appears to be that of a muscular man, which seems to be another self-portrait for the Big Shaqtus. Even though Lowry could have put a tattoo of "never back down" or something related to grinding out results, he didn't. He played for a range of teams and never won a championship. Since then, Clarkson started to get some tattoos.

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