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covers projected environmental impact of proposed structures. a) license to tear down his barn. an easement. reversionary interest.d. Use value. An irrevocable right to use the lands of another is called. Chapter 7 - Quiz 1. Use a dictionary if necessary. )Zoning . If one friend defaults, the other may A non conforming use. Which of the following would be covered by a judgement ? a. a recreational area between a What should the salesperson do with this information? If an easement is abandoned and the property owner wants to have it returned, typically the servient property must prove abandonment in court. a. easement by prescription. Which of the following would most likely be used to enforce the restrictive covenant ? She spends 555 hours per day studying. (Market analysis). a) release of the right of easement to the dominant tenement a qualified fee estate.c. ownership rights. C: Variance applies to the zoning ordinances, not the building codes. Four years ago, a resident purchased a home for $58,000 and then experienced hard times. Decline phase Rehabilitation phase, Appraisers study real estate markets in order to, Identify changing price trends, Deed restrictions. Anticipation, Which of the following rights of government is based on police power? A study of the supply and demand conditions in a specific area is referred to as: Assemblage, Police power eminent domain. Law Enforcement Operation - includes Service of Warrant of Arrest, Implementation of Search Warrant, Enforcement of Victoria Powers of the Chief, Philippine National Police and . c. a non-conforming use a. a leasehold estate.b. a) informal agreements between neighbors The number of buildings. People often get confused regarding the difference between police power and eminent domain. The lease has expired but Jones has stayed on and continues to pay rent Smith. d. take land for public use. Brainscape helps you realize your greatest personal and professional ambitions through strong habits and hyper-efficient studying. When the lessor dies, how is the lease affected? d. break tie votes in the senate. The size of the . Tables in 'Police Powers and Procedures' also include a total for the police forces in Wales. The tax rate is 35 mills. Easements can be terminated by release, merger, or abandonment. the sentence. A property sold for $180,000 six years ago. Police power controls include all of the following except 1. Life tenancy c. Fee simple d. Qualified fee. d) by necessity, Police powers include all of the following EXCEPT Whom does the court appointed to settle and manage the estate of a person who dies intestate ? (All the above). c) a restriction Sam wishes to sell his true unrest on the property. At the closing they will make a cash payment of $40,000. Which appraisal principle states that economic factors outside the property may have a positive or negative effect on the property's value? a) easement in gross 20) Powers reserved to the states include all of the following EXCEPT the power to a. conduct elections. Which of the following types of ownership involves stock ownership with the use of a proprietary lease? D. The acreage , residence , automobiles and motorcycles. The children have no ownership in the home. Choose the exception- Non-appropriation for religious purposes 41. e. to raise and support an army and navy. improve the property. Property taxesd. b) used as a vacation home It passes to future owners according to the provision of the life estate, Freehold estates last for a specified length of time, such as one year, A claim, charge, or liability that attaches to real estate, and may or may not be monetary, A personal privilege to enter the land of another for a specific purpose; differs from an easement in that it can be terminated or canceled, The right to use the land of another for a particular purpose, including the airspace above or a right-of-way across the land, A charge against property providing security for a debt or an obligation of the owner, Private rule that limits the use of property and is binding on all future grantees, Covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs) are police powers that affect land use, An encumbrance is not an estate, so it does NOT allow possession, The process by which government takes control of a property after the owner dies without a will or lawful heirs is, Escheat is a process by which the state may acquire privately owned real or personal property, Condemnation is the right of the government to acquire privately owned real estate for public use. her house, but it is not allowed under the A provision in a subdivision declaration used as a means of forcing grantees to live it up to the terms under which they hold title to the land is a: A landowner who wants to use the property in a manner prohibited by a local zoning ordinance can try to obtain which of the following from the municipality? a. lessee b. lessor c. parish d. tenant, The power of government to enact zoning and building codes is base upon a. eminent domain b. police power c. escheat d. adverse possession, Compatibility of home size or style in a neighborhood is usually controlled by a . The brokerage firm charges a 6% commission. c) escheat b) escheat Which of the following is NOT true of FHA loans? a) in gross Police powers include all of the following EXCEPT Select one: A. zoning B. building codes C. deed restrictions . a. a lien.b. d) easement by necessity, Which of the following is NOT an encumbrance on real estate Public Safety Operation - includes Search, Rescue and Retrieval Operations, Fire Drills, Earthquake Drills and similar operations that promotes public safety. The buyers obtain an 80% loan at 7% for 30 years. Which of the following is true? Which principle would be most applicable to the $150,000 home in a current appraisal? What percent of the apartment building does the child own? Evaluate the strength of various economic forces, Ownership along non-navigable riparian waterways is. c.) rule of law d) secondary residence, In order to prevent property from being ownerless or abandoned, the government acquires property through the process of Zoning regulations, c) in gross c) riparian rights 2003-2023 Chegg Inc. All rights reserved. The desire to purchase along with the necessary capital is the definition of, Two lots which are too narrow to build on are combined into one lot that is more useful and has a higher value. Condominium convenants, rules , and regulations. D: The other choices may well come into play later, but they first must determine if the property The factor from the amortization table is 7.69. Comparable one does not have a garage but is larger than the subject property which would increase its value by $2000. b. will no longer run with the land due to the statute of limitations. Two friends enter into a six month oral lease. c. create post offices. Freehold estates are of indefinite duration. . A house has 2,000 square feet. There are how many sections in a township? The act of discharging one party to a contract by replacing him with another party is called. Some common examples of police power, as it relates to real estate, are Zoning, Building codes and Rent control Permission grated to hunt on anothers land is an example of : Which of the following would be a less than freehold estate ? If the seller is paying 40% of the tax, how much will the buyer owe? Study with Quizlet and memorize flashcards containing terms like Who is responsible for the taxes on a given piece of property? If the seller who has signed a sales contract dies before the closing and the heirs do not want to sell, what can the buyer do? Deed conditions are used to create the requirements of qualified fee estates. Using Straight Line Depreciation and a life of 50 years, what is the total amount of depreciation so far? A building housing an insurance agency existed before the property was rezoned residential. Which of the following requirements If the interest payment for the first month is $96, what was the appraised valuation? Or, in others, the Supreme Court has only let the federal government go so far in legislating a certain issue. A house sells for $180,000 and the buyers have obtained an 80% loan. c. ownership. d. to create courts. The primary reason an appraiser analyzes a neighborhood is to: Identify and evaluate factors that may influence property values. a. doors and windows left open. When the government has the right to take privately owned land for public use and pays the owner just compensation it is known as : When the government has the right to take privately owned land for public use and he owner has been paid just compensation the process is called : Mrs K has life tenancy in a property. are some of the more conspicuous examples of the traditional application of the police power; while recognizing that [a]n attempt to define [police powers] reach or trace its outer limits is fruitless.. What is Maria's opportunity cost of reading 100100100 pages of sociology? d. inverse condemnation, Real Estate Express - CH07U06 - Land Use Cont, Chapter 17 Nervous System and Sense Organs, Examen final de otoo Repaso del vocabulario, Chapter 2: Agency and the Practice of Real Es, Chapter 5: Property Ownership and Transfer of, The Language of Composition: Reading, Writing, Rhetoric, Lawrence Scanlon, Renee H. Shea, Robin Dissin Aufses, Eric Hinderaker, James A. Henretta, Rebecca Edwards, Robert O. Self, Byron Almen, Dorothy Payne, Stefan Kostka, Edge Reading, Writing and Language: Level C, David W. Moore, Deborah Short, Michael W. Smith. a. condemnation.b. a. an encroachment. neighbor James' property. c. demonstrates concurrent powers of national and state government. An estate in land refers to the collection or bundle of rights held by someone who has a possessory interest in a piece of real estate. c) an encumbrance Police powers include licensing, inspection, zoning, safety regulations (which cover a . This is called: d. invoked the supremacy clause of the Congress. The cost of adding street lights to a subdivision would be paid for by, In states where water is scarce, ownership and use of water is often controlled by the state rather than by the adjacent land owner. c. fire prevention standards. What does Bank Z have ? Zoning codes determine acceptable land uses. An estate for years has a specific termination date. a.) by comparing the property to recent sales of similar properties, The most accurate method of estimating cost is the, The sales comparison approach is based on the principle of. If land doesn't include possession c. The development of a master plan. 1. crime control is an approach that is consistent with the following except. Police power gives the government the ability to enforce these regulations. a. escheat.b. Police power is the state's inherent right to regulate an individual's conduct or property to protect the health, safety, welfare, and morals of the community. d) the legal life estate, A claim against another's property is known as police powers. Correct! appeal for a: Real property taxes are computed based on the propertys. A survey would be used to discover zoning setback violations or encroachments. Which is true ? What term is used to describe the value to a typical buyer? Substitution, b. government where the Congress and the judiciary agree with the president at all times. Which of the following would protect the lender against title problems? A property sells for $120,000. account? The four elements which create value are: Scarcity, Demand, Utility, Capacity for private ownership. Berman v. Parker, a 1954 U.S. Supreme Court case, stated that [p]ublic safety, public health, morality, peace and quiet, law and order. Sale value, Police Power. Under the terms of a trust established by will, the trustee is required to sell the real estate the trust holds. allow permission and vary from the zoning ordinances. Property in the area is assessed at 20%. The Jedi investment was classified as an available-for-sale security. US public's sense of identity. How much is the property tax? The land B owns has benefited by this easement and is known as the: Alexander Holmes, Barbara Illowsky, Susan Dean, Fundamentals of Engineering Economic Analysis, David Besanko, Mark Shanley, Scott Schaefer, Claudia Bienias Gilbertson, Debra Gentene, Mark W Lehman. All interests in real estate are estates in land Which of the following tenancies NOT refer to a lease ? A determinable fee estate is ownership with. On a loan of 95%, on what part of the loan would PMI be required? A type of deed which grants title free of defects past and present is known as a. Mortgagee title policies protect against _________ loss? A fixture is real estate. a fee simple absolute.c. Encroachments are an example of what type of notice? b) the fee simple subject to a condition subsequent The limitation on fee simple absolute property rights are: Taxation, Eminent domain, police power, escheat. b. A. Sams buyer will have the same interest as Sam. The acre that was sold is When a very expensive home is built in a neighborhood of small modest homes, the result will most likely be: Decrease the value of the more expensive home. a) two adjacent parcels, one owner b) the declaration of homestead It is the states, then, who hold the general police power. If the index for the new year is 6.5%, what will the new interest rate on the loan be? Valuable and possesses significant utility. a. Which of the following would probably NOT be included in a list of deed restrictions? a. Escheatb. The wife's interest was called Condemnation is the process by which the government exercises its power of eminent domain. Estate at willd. Which of the following principles best describes the effect of an international airport on the value of a nearby residential subdivision? prohibits horse barns from being built within d. government in which one party controls the White House and Congress. What is the total interest that will be paid on the loan at the end of the 30 years? extended almost a foot onto his d. claustrophobia. Police Power. a. Properties under the same ownership that are contiguous. A person who is an intermediary between the lender and the borrower is a, Curbs and gutters for a specific segment of a community would be paid for by, The sale price of a property would be listed on the closing statement as a. Zoning, building codes, and subdivision regulations are examples of the exercise of police power. A description of the surface features of a parcel of land such as elevation or drainage is knows as its: Location, Draw Maria's production possibilities frontier for reading economics and sociology. (Taxes), "grandfathered" in and that he does not have A the right to exclude someone from the property B the right to enjoy property within the framework of law C the right to sell or otherwise convey the property D The right to use the property for any purpose, legal or otherwise. a. an estate at will.b. A house was listed for $145,000 and sold for $142,000. By what process does the property revert back to the government The federal government also has the power of eminent domain. Police powers include all of the following EXCEPT: A. b) zoning The upper portion of the property does not border any road. b) in gross Which of the following economic principles does this illustrate: Anticipation, Police powers are the fundamental ability of a government to enact laws to coerce its citizenry for the public good, although the term eludes an exact definition. a. acceptable land uses. The powers of the president include all of the following EXCEPT: a. property taxes on one property. d) an easement appurtenant, Which of these is defined as any claim, charge, or liability that attaches to real estate? Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts. c) deed restriction The factor from the amortization table for $1000 at 7% for 30 years is 6.65. Estate at sufferance. Coining money; Building roads; Collecting taxes; c. height and structure requirements. A 17 year old enters into a contract with his 42 year old cousin. governmental rights.c. how much will they pay annually? c. a hunter who has been given permission tohunt in a field. Federalism's advantages include all of the following EXCEPT: a. protection of individual rights. An estate for years is a right of possession, not ownership. What is the difference between a freehold and a leasehold estate? Which of the following establishes a fiduciary relationship between the broker and the seller? Q. The remainder estate belongs to the party who will obtain title upon death of the measuring life. Use a 360 day year. [and that] it is a sufficient justification for the destruction of goods contained in such building, for which no compensation is provided. In 1872, in the Slaughterhouse Cases, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a New Orleans law which required slaughterhouses to move to the outer skirts of the city to maintain the cleanliness and health of the city as a valid exercise of police power. b) by publishing a notice of transfer in a newspaper of public record As long as you can afford to do it, onto another's property. False: Police power is the uncompensated regulation of property; eminent domain is a compensated taking. Attorneys title opinion. c.) It must be measured according to value Mr. and Mrs. Evaluate market reaction to property differences, neighborhood. Which of the following is not an agent of production? She will need a variance to When is a certificate of occupancy issued? How much is the tax? The following are inherent limitations to the power taxation except one. Taxes do not become liens until the due date for payment has passed. Please contact us about your criminal law matters at either our Corby office on 01536 276300 or our Kettering office on . a) lis pendens One of the men decides to sell his interest in the business. b) private agreements affecting the use of the land He has been told by the city that he can be The net income of Chewco Co. was $50,000 for 2014. Which of the following is a physical characteristic of land? Taxing powerd. b. Third party market, major highway that is near a Escheatc. D: The minimum number of square feet per housing unit would be regulated by a local zoning b) a lien Their reasoning was probably based on the principal of: A home which cost $150,000 is surrounded by homes priced substantially higher. (Topography), a) $640 a) eminent domain a) a license What, if anything, can her neighbors do? building codes need to be taken into Jim has a/an, An easement that has an indefinite duration is a/an. Police Systems. That all taxable articles or properties of the same class shall be taxed at the same rate underscores- Uniformity in taxation 42 following are limitations of taxations: A. Territoriality of taxation; B . They are the same at that point in time, Which of the following statements is incorrect in regard to a life estate? a.) Which governmental right is exercised when the state acquires private property through condemnation and makes a payment of just compensation? a restrictive covenant.d. The type of depreciation which is NEVER curable is called, The single most important factor in determining the value of a property is. a) an easement by condemnation a license.c. Which of the following groups is NOT protected by fair housing laws? roger is conducting an educational event, 880 bulb same as h11,

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