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Chester Bennington (@ChesterBe) June 20, 2014. They broke up before the baby (Jaime) was born. Required fields are marked *. While he was with Russell, the music star started doing drugs and by the time he was 17, returned to living with Susan. Chester Charles Bennington, singer and songwriter, born 20 March 1976; died 20 July 2017. Enough with the lies and shady journalism. Johnson. Some signs, they weren't there at all, as [was] the case right before he passed. "This is what depression looked like to us just 36 hrs b4 his death," she captioned the clip, which featuredthe rocker laughing and enjoying some downtime with his children and friends. Long night of flyin the helo through the city. Shinoda invested in a recycling center in Haiti to give back to the environment and the surrounding communities. With the rock community losingone more light, Bennington left behind his wife, six children, extended family members, and friends. Adopted his oldest son's brother. The fans are the biggest reason we do what we do. Their over-a-decade-long union would have continued for a long as possible but Bennington was not in the right mental state. He was a decorated pilot and served his country for many years. Lee passed away in 2013, just a few years before Chester tragically took his own life. And he also has a sibling named Brian Bennington. There is no evidence that oil tycoon John D. Rockefellers late grandson Laurance Rockefeller, White House adviser John Podesta and late Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington are directly related, contrary to rumors on social media. gnalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, The public narrative that is common knowledge is: by Chester's own admission that he was sexually abused by an older man when he was young. He admitted this in a 2008 interview with Kerrang, a published magazine. found music and that was my niche. CBS Newsreports that Townsend eventually pleaded guilty to "charges including stalking and unlawful access to stored communications" for crimes that occurred during a ten-month period in 2006. Similar to other recycling centers, Shinoda bought recyclable materials from individuals, but after a while, Shinoda didn't anticipate the popularity of his vision and was soon struggling to pay the people back. His parents divorced when he was 11 years old. They have very similar wide, elephant-like ears, eye shape + color, hairline, wrinkles in the under-eyes, laugh lines, chiseled chin, defined/square jaw line, and they both have impaired vision, just to name a few physical commonalities. The sexual assaults continued until I was 13. He was born on March 20, 1976, in Phoenix, Arizona, and was the son of Lee Russell Bennington and Susan Elaine Johnson. His emotional state was further affected by the fact that he suffered sexual abuse by an older friend between the ages of seven and 13. Father of Chester Charles Bennington; Private and Private. Bennington found himself hooked on drugs again until another woman came along his way. Chester Bennington was born on the 20th of March 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona to mother and nurse Susan Elaine Bennington and police detective Lee Russell Bennington. Skip to main content Home In fact, when Brian Bennington started his Twitter account, he called it @ChestersBro. Reuters found no evidence that Rockefeller, Podesta and Bennington are related. The death of Chester Bennington, vocalist with the rap and nu-metal band Linkin Park, at the age of 41, curtails a brilliantly successful career that brought a string of awards and multimillion-selling albums and singles. 14-mag-2017 - Chester and Lee Russell Bennington circa 2001. While opening up about the ordeal withRevolverin 2008, Bennington said, "Needless to say, that unfortunate situation and a couple other unfortunate situations have made me and the rest of the band a little more guarded when it comes to fans.". His parents divorced when he was 11 years old. Getty I know exactly who I am, I know exactly what Im made of and Im totally happy with it, he said. 1. We did his orientation toady. Read more about our fact-checking work here . March 2006. "I knew she was the one pretty instantly," he toldBullz-Eye. Brian Bennington (@ChestersBro) July 1, 2009, New day to focus on what's important!! Officially, his case is closed and deemed a suicide, but many fans like myself, Talinda, and Mike are unsatisfied with the investigation and medical examinations. He said that growing up, his older brother and sister left home early and his other sister just wasnt around much. In 2009 they released their only album, Out of Ashes, which scraped into the US Top 30. Chester Bennington's father's name was Lee Russell Bennington who was a musician by profession. She brought back discipline into her sons life and made sure he stayed away from drugs and alcohol. I was never invited to parties as a teenager--I turned up "He loved us SO much & we loved him. However, there may have been one incident that deeply affected the Linkin Park singer more than anyone knew: the tragic passingof his close friend, SoundGarden and Audioslave lead vocalist Chris Cornell (pictured, right), who also died of an apparent suicide by hanging that May. I was never invited to parties as a teenager--I turned up I got to create and perform with one of the greatest rock bands of our generation, that had so much influence on me growing up, he said afterwards. He has two half sisters and a half brother. It seems that once they were older, Chester and his brother, Brian, had a positive relationship. Chester Bennington was born on 20th March 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America. In the US, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1-800-273-8255. Bennington became a father for the first time at the age of 20 when his then-girlfriend, Elka Brand, gave birth to their son, Jamie, in 1996, according to Heavy. This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team. found music and that was my niche. What Shows Have Been Renewed or Canceled? "That's something special," the singer toldMTV Newsin 2003,"that they feel like our music helps them through that." Te proporcionamos los datos de contacto de nuestra red consular para que sepas a qu consulado debers dirigirte en caso de que necesites asistencia y proteccin consular.. 1. Thanks for reading and spread the word :), John Podesta is Chester Bennington's father and he didn't commit suicide. He was born on March 20, 1976, in Phoenix, Arizona, and was the son of Lee Russell Bennington and Susan Elaine Johnson. Bennington was also a godfather to one of Chris Cornells children. He was a very talented and well-known singer with a $30 million net worth as of November 2022. He was born to Susan Elaine Johnson together with Lee Russell Bennington. Lord of the Lost in Concert at the El Teatrito, Buenos Aires Argentina, April 25, [Tour Dates] May, EU, UK, USA, and Argentina, Alain Johannes Trio in concert, Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 15, [The Rasmus] Exclusive interview with Lauri, [Tour Dates] April. It's official My son Jaime is a university man!! Chester Charles Bennington was born in Phoenix, Arizona, to Susan Elaine (Johnson), a nurse, and Lee Russell Bennington, a police detective. The rock band was a part of a new youth revolution and Chesters voice was its signature. 14-mag-2017 - Chester and Lee Russell Bennington circa 2001. According to the public, Chester's "real father" is supposed to be Lee Russell Bennington. He and wife Talinda welcomed their new baby boy, Tyler Lee, on 16th They got married in 2006. Sadly, he fell back into the habit of heavy drinking while on tour with Linkin Park in 2001, telling Rolling Stone,"I found myself not saying no to other things, things that would have made me another rock & roll cliche. And his mother was Susan Elaine Johnson. I hated everybody in my family: I felt abandoned by my mom, my dad was not very emotionally stable then, and there was no-one I could turn to at least thats how my young mind felt. The assaults continued until he was 13. They tied the knot soon after and later welcomedson Tyler and twin daughters Lila and Lily. According toBBC News, a woman namedDevon Townsend allegedly used resources at her job in a national security laboratory to hack into Bennington's computer, access his email, voicemail, travel plans, and family photos, and also harass his wife, Talinda Bennington, via telephone. Bennington also had a minor acting career, appearing in such films as 'Crank' (2006), 'Crank: High Voltage' (2009), 'Saw 3D' (2010) and 'Artifact' (2012). The Linkin Park frontman died by suicide in. . Arizona / Super early show not too long after Chester joined / According to Jeff Blue's book, the band decided to change their name from Hybrid Theory to "Plear" on May 1, 2000. In a VOAT post, a user explains the timeline of John Podesta and Susan Elaine Johnson (Chester's Mom) hooking up. That's where the lyrics to "Guilty By Consulado General de Mxico en Atlanta. His son, Chester Bennington, was estimated to be around $30 million before his death in 2017. However,there was one fan who unfortunately took things way too far. Its a great record, we love it, insisted Bennington to hostile critics, and the album shot to the top of the US Billboard chart. ", During an interview with iHeart Radio in February 2017,Chester Bennington spoke with candor about the inspiration behind Linkin Park's song "Heavy" notably in connection to his struggle with mental illness. Daze. His mother, Susan. Otherwise, the other claims aren't backed up by evidence and can't be taken seriously. This was heartbreaking news indeed and it even got worse when people began to suspect it was due to suicide. Learn about his family here. His parents separated when he was 9 years old, so he went into the custody of his father. More information. In 2005 it won a Grammy for best rap/sung collaboration. But I'll pretty much be nauseous forever. His mother, Susan Elaine Johnson, was a nurse, and. r/LinkinPark. there are errors in a few things definitely dates married to Samantha -2005 not 2015 (should be 9 years not 19 ), Your email address will not be published. They divorced when he was 11. Bennington famously used song lyrics to express his feelings of frustration, and once told Rolling Stone, "It was like, 'There's a lot of songs about depression, fear and paranoia. Bennington Patrick Pendleton Windham Pittsylvania Pleasants . Relationship with Timothy Michael Dowling (Sosa/Ahnentafel #1), Relationship with Gloria Jane Benson (spouse), Relationship with Susan Elaine Johnson (spouse), Browse using this individual as Sosa/Ahnentafel #1, List of all individuals in the family tree, {{ 'gw_downgraded_access_back_to_max'|translate }}. La difunta cantante y mam del cantante, respectivamente enfermera Susan Eubanks y el detective de polica Lee Russell Bennington, divorciado cuando tena 11 aos (a travs de Piedra rodante) Mientras Bennington se fue a vivir con su padre, las cosas no fueron necesariamente fciles para el patriarca de la familia, a quien una vez describi como Your email address will not be published. Since his father often worked double shifts, Chester frequently found himself at home alone. Passionate and wide ranged vocals (high ranged screeching to mellow performances). In May 2017, Chester Bennington gave one of his very last interviews prior to his death in July of that year. Actor, Writer, Producer Born March 20, 1976 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA Chester Charles Bennington was born in Phoenix, Arizona, to Susan Elaine (Johnson), a nurse, and Lee Russell Bennington, a police detective. "She moved into my place after a week and a half or something like that." View full family tree . According to TMZ, Chester Bennington's wife, Talinda, reportedly told authorities that he'd had previous suicide attempts and wasenrolled in outpatient treatment at the time of his July 2017 death. Bennington, who was married and the father of six children with two wives, and had a history of struggling with drugs and alcohol, died of a suspected suicide. He leaves behind six kids. Like father like son. I don't drink. He attended Centennial High School at the beginning of his freshman year. The late singer's mom and dad, respectively nurse Susan Eubanks and police detective Lee Russell Bennington, divorced when he was. Chester Charles Bennington, was an American singer, songwriter, and actor, known for being the vocalist of Linkin Park. Chester Bennington has two sisters and a brother, Brian. geekdom. Back in 1996, however, the rock star married first wife Samantha Olit, with whom he welcomed son Draven in 2002. Anna was the . Direccin: 1700 Chantilly Drive NE, Atlanta, Georgia, 30324 "I lived on alcohol,"Bennington later toldThe Pulse of Radio(viaE! He worked double shifts and was practically not involved in his sons development. Powered by. Additionally, a source cited byRadar Onlinelater claimed, "Chester and Chris were so close, and he was never the same after Chris's death." He has two half sisters and a half brother. Bennington. His parents separated when he was 11 years old. Bennington was born in 1976 on 20th March as Chester Charles Bennington. Located in Bennington, VT . You suck chester cheated and thats a fact!!! She was later sentenced to two years behind bars (via BBC News). According to Chester, he became completely while he was with his mum and this marked a positive change in his life but this was never quite true as all through his career he battled seriously with mental health and addiction troubles. Bennington later formed a new band, Grey Daze, a post-grunge band from Phoenix and recorded three albums; 'Demo' (1993),. With no one to turn to for help, the Arizona native added, "The only thing I wanted to do was kill everybody and run away.". Draven is the only son the late Chester had with his first wife. They had three kids together, a set of female twins and a cute son. Susan Elaine . In the UK, the Samaritans can be contacted on 116 123. "When I look at it now, it's horrifying. Compared next to each other, Bennington looks more like Podesta. Chester Charles Bennington was born in Phoenix, Arizona, to Susan Elaine (Johnson), a nurse, and Lee Russell Bennington, a police detective. Alabama. He was 41. but it's really easy to forge a tweet these days. Twitter/Brian BenningtonScreenshot of Brian Benningtons Twitter page. Chester Bennington was born in Phoenix on March 20, 1976. In 2011, he said that he was completely sober and wouldnt be doing drugs or drinking alcohol again because he didnt want to be that person anymore. "I drank myself to the point where I couldn't leave the house and I couldn't function," he told Kerrang! Lee Russell Bennington Parents : Chester Carl Bennington 1901 : Marjorie Marie John 1902 Spouses and children. Together they played traditional songs by the San Diego band, and they also sang a new song called Out of Time which was the first single from the bands record work. LOVE, A post shared by Chester Bennington (@chesterbe) on Apr 23, 2017 at 12:47pm PDT, Chester had a large, loving family. in 2008. (modern), Chester Bennington's wife pays tribute to Linkin Park singer, Coroner confirms cause of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington's death, Chester Bennington: five of his best Linkin Park performances, Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington soothed the angst of millions, Chester Bennington, Linkin Park lead singer, dies of suspected suicide aged 41, Linkin Parks Chester Bennington dies aged 41 video obituary, Linkin Parks Chester Bennington dies aged 41. Jamie was the first son to the Rock band Vocalist. From the very beginning of his childhood, he was more interested in musical instruments and singing rather than in studying. A picture of him with his father is available (here). ", In his honor, Talinda later launched320 Changes Direction, an organization which aims to "change the culture of mental health so that those in need can seek the care they deserve.". While those closest to the music star believed he was in a good place, his personal struggles eventually became too much, and on July 20, 2017, Bennington diedof an apparent suicide by hanging at the age of 41. It was an awful time. He auditioned for a band called Xero, and when he was hired as vocalist he completed the original line-up of what then became Linkin Park (a pun on Lincoln Park in Santa Monica), alongside Shinoda, Brad Delson, Dave Farrell, Rob Bourdon and Joe Hahn. is a magazine based In Buenos Aires Argentina, London England, Milan Italy and USA, dedicated to the Fashion Industry, Music, Film Art, Celebrities and more. They soon became his vices. Isolation. While this connection may have been a coincidence, it should be noted that Bennington famously sang a rendition of Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" at Cornell's funeral. This put a lot of pressure on his marriage coupled with the fact that he was dating another woman Elka with whom he eventually had a baby. Benningtons songs were famous for helping listeners through their own dark times as he was vocal about his struggles. Indeed,years of drug abuse, including bouts of sobriety and relapses, would unfortunately become a continuous cycle throughout the singer-songwriter's life. "I'd smoke a bunch of crack, do a bit of meth and just sit there and freak out. I hated everybody in my family." Here are the educational qualifications of Chester Bennington. His parents divorced when he was 11 years old. The backlash consisted of a series of Tweets from Talinda Bennington (Chester's wife), Mike Shinoda, the Linkin Park Offical Twitter, and lots of concerned fans. Tyler was the first child to be welcomed by the rock star after his second marriage. Within the first few notes of a song, Chester Bennington's voice is so overpowering, it commands the audience's attention. And from a side angle of Lee Russell, Chester seems to have Lee's eyes. 2021 Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville, QB, Clemson. He weighed 9 lb. He would sometimes talk about their family or about his experiences on the job. The combination of Mike Shinodas rapping and Benningtons soaring, impassioned singing became the bands instant focal point, with the groups metallic thunder enhanced by edgy electronic treatments. And, if you don't already know who John Podesta is, he's a columnist and former chairman of the 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign and was the Chief of Staff to President Bill Clinton and Counselor to President Barack Obama. His parents divorced when he was With the help of his iconic vocals and bandmate Mike Shinoda's rap skills, the group's Grammy-nominated debut album,Hybrid Theory, dominated the charts with hits like "One Step Closer" and "Crawling.". To begin, the most obvious point to make is that John Podesta and Chris Bennington look alike from these images. Association" came from. As someone who's surrounded by close relatives with mental illnesses, she is well aware of the signs of suicide and Chester didn't give off any clues said in this tweet. That sorta took me out of my Elaine worked as a nurse and was with Lee until Chester was eleven. Duration of Marriage: October 31, 1996 2005 (9 years). 11 years old. At the age of 17, he started living with his mother who had banned him from leaving the house due to drug activity, which he eventually overcome later. After Bennington's death, TMZ got ahold of Bennington's autopsy report and claimed his blood turned out "presumptive positive" for MDMA (ecstasy) on one test, but they failed to explain that two other tests resulted negative for ecstasy, proving that no drugs were in his system. Chester Bennington Education. In August 2017,Shuck told Rolling Stone that Bennington revealed he'd been sober for six months just weeks before his death. Chester leaves behind six kids. However, just seven months after they tied the knot, Olit called him out when she noticed he was consuming alcohol every day. It was a horrible experience. gnalogique Dowling avec plus d'un demi-million de parents, His place of birth was Phoenix, Arizona in the United States. owned by Korn's Head and Orgy's. That was all part of our daily lives," she explained. Take that as you will. He leaves behind not only a large immediately family a loving wife and six children but also three siblings. His first group, Sean Dowdell and His Friends?, made a three-track cassette in 1993, after which Bennington and Dowdell formed the alternative-rock band Grey Daze, who released three albums during the 1990s. She claimed he was perfectly fine. Lee Russell Bennington (father) Papa Bennington was a police officer whose work mainly dealt with cases of child abuse. Twitter/Brian BenningtonPhoto of Chester and Brians dad, shared by Brian on Twitter after a game of touch football. Like most people, I was too afraid to say anything. The late singer'smom and dad, respectively nurse Susan Eubanksandpolice detectiveLee Russell Bennington, divorced when he was 11(via Rolling Stone). News). Deceased persons are not concerned by this provision. Bennington was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Rock Musician. Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Chester Benningtons Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know, Copyright 2023 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. He fell into a pattern of drug and alcohol abuse, and, he once told Metal Hammer magazine, dropped so much acid Im surprised I can still speak. 1976 - 2017 . Qualification: Centennial High School Chester Bennington Career. With this, it becomes difficult to assume he made a rash decision. It destroyed my self-confidence, he told Kerrang! Isaiah Bennington (adopted son from Elka Brand). In his younger years, Podesta looks nothing like Bennington. geekdom. However, the singer's friend and former Dead by Sunrise bandmate, Ryan Shuck, later looked back on those final moments and noticed some signs that Bennington had been struggling with his inner demons. L'arbre different cliques. I have evidence that will lead to the arrest of Hillary Clinton. Like most people, I was too afraid to say anything. Bennington eventually moved back in with his mother when he turned 17 and put his focus on making music. . . But no one knew that Bennington was making himself physically sick every time he belted out one of the group's iconic tunes. The singles Crawling, One Step Closer and In the End became radio favourites, receiving heavy airplay on MTV, and in 2002 Crawling won a Grammy for best hard rock performance. Rumors speculate that because Chester Bennington might be the bastard child of John Podesta, he asked Clinton to save Linkin Park's asses with the Haitian recycling center. Honestly, I think that's a stretch because their isn't any facts to prove so and no one needs to sleep with Podesta for that to happen. Many believe his death was pre planned as it happened on the posthumous 53rd birthday of his friend and music idol Chris Cornell who has passed on in May from suicide. Has designed some clothing for a company called Replicant, He had a busy career but whenever he wasnt busy; his days were spent with his children as they were a big part of his life. After his divorce was finalized, Bennington met Talinda Bennington (pictured, left). I'm purely speculating here so don't attack me, but the timeline matches just as much as their faces do. He graduated from Washington High School in 1994. Essentially, he's an important public figure related to the Clinton's and Obama's. Good guys 5 and bad guys 0 ! Lee Russell Bennington had an estimated net worth of $50 million. He two children with his former partner Elka Brand; a son with his former wife Samantha Marie Olit; and three children with Talinda. Especially when you've been married to someone for a long time, you'd know if they were having a bad day and sense any bad mood, but Chester wasn't. Connect to 1,132 Bennington profiles on Geni, Sep 12 1941 - Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, United States, May 23 1999 - Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, United States, Chester Karl Bennington, Marjorie Marvin Bennington (born John), Bette Jane Bennington, Ardis Paul Bennington, John Herbert Bennington, Robert Dale Bennington, Don Bassett Bennington, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, United States. Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. Required fields are marked *. Those closest to Chester Bennington had no reason to suspect that he was going through such a rough time in the weeks leading up to his untimely death. 2020 Joe Burrow, Cincinnati, QB . This period while alone with Lee was when he got bullied in school, dealt with all sorts of hard substances and his self confidence was at zero. contains thousands of pictures and GeneaStars. Obituaries for Bennington published by The Guardian and Rolling Stone say he was born to parents Susan Elaine Johnson and Lee Russell Bennington. Chester Bennington was an American musician, singer-songwriter, and actor. He has two half sisters and a half brother. The famous Chester Bennington was announced dead! The only compelling piece of evidence shown in the video is the similarity of voice tone in the audio to John Podesta. Compared next to each other, Bennington looks more like Podesta. In addition to many others, Linkin Park . While their relationship wouldn't last, the two remained very close, with Bennington adopting his ex's son from a previous relationship, Isaiah, ten years later. That was my childhood dream. A photo of Larry Rockefeller can be seen (here). He graduated from Washington High School in 1994. The rock star was obviously in love with Elka Brand while with Samantha. At 17 he moved in with his mother, and worked at Burger King while attempting to become a musician. Your email address will not be published. The only thing I wanted to do was kill everybody and run away., "The problem was, I also found a good way to escape the abuse of my past. It's going to be that way indefinitely.". "Sometimes, some signs were there more than others. ", Before meeting first wife Samantha Olit in 1996, Bennington temporarily quit abusing drugs. Then I'd smoke opium to come down. We are all related! with the popular people. Lee Russell Bennington 1941 . Lee Russell Bennington, 81 Resides in Phoenix, AZ Lived In La Jolla CA, Scottsdale AZ, Palos Verdes Peninsula CA Related To Susan Bennington, Samantha Bennington, Chester Bennington, Brian Bennington Also known as L Bennington Includes Address (9) Phone (4) Email (1) See Results Lee R Bennington, 82 Resides in Phoenix, AZ An obituary for Chester Bennington published by The Guardian identifies his father as Lee Russell Bennington, "a police detective who often worked on child abuse cases." He was the lead vocalist for the American rock band Linkin Park. Album for Linkin Park 'Hybrid Theory' (2000).

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